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At our core, we form collaborative partnerships with our clients, taking the time to comprehend their individual goals and aspirations. This understanding allows us to tailor a personalized roadmap, ensuring a strategic approach that aligns with their vision for success. Our commitment extends to providing a comprehensive suite of services throughout the year, covering aspects such as year-round tax planning, corporate tax planning, payroll services, and bookkeeping services. With a wealth of experience and a dedicated passion for client support, we deliver high-quality solutions aimed at boosting productivity and driving sustained business growth.

Tax Management Services (TMS)

Our innovative approach provides clients with a tailored suite of services that specifically address their unique tax needs. Immediate access to top-tier expertise and adaptable tools equips clients to navigate the ever-evolving tax landscape effectively. TMS goes beyond conventional outsourcing, offering a bundled set of tax services from a single outsourced provider. Unlike typical outsourcing, TMS empowers organizations with access to our highly trained tax specialists who possess extensive knowledge of the latest tax laws and strategies. This specialized expertise is complemented by a detailed understanding of each client’s unique tax activities and positions. Choosing TMS means choosing a partner dedicated to providing a strategic and holistic approach to managing your organization’s tax obligations.

Tax Managment Services
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Jennifer is a tax wizard,

“… she always manages to get us a good refund on our taxes. She takes the stress away from tax season. It is always a pleasure going in to see her. I would have never described any tax related a pleasure before meeting Jennifer.”

Dominique Garrison

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Finally! We found our accountant.

“… We had no idea just how messed up our books were until Jennifer was recommended by a client. She’s helped us more in the last year than any other accountant in the last 15 and always makes things easy to understand.”


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The greatest tax experience ever!

“… I usually loathe this time of year but this company educates, advocates, and helps you get your tax affairs in order. You will leave feeling better than when you came. They’re affordable and efficient too.”

Jason B.

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