Tax Appointments & #COVID-19

SO it is official tax season’s deadline has been extended to July 15th 2020, however please confirm with your states to see if they are also going along with the new deadline.  This is for 1040 (personal) taxes only the C corporations and time to make IRA’s was not specified so more to follow.  This is truly a time to set back and breathe, officials are reminding all of us to stay away from postings on Facebook and twitter unless you know it’s from an official site there are so much panic and misinformation being spread.  We need to have faith in our government to help us through these horrific times.

Checked and Balanced is still preparing taxes but not through our office.  You can call us at 360-859-4915 and set up a phone or skype meeting or reach us by email: or or (Spanish speaking). Our Skype services will require clients to upload their information, as requested through our secure portal.

Reminder emailing direct these documents are not considered a secure method and should be avoided.

Below see resource links:

We appreciate your business and your continued support during this critical time. We wish the best to all of our clients and with determination we can conquer this current situation together. As Americans, we pull together and extend our hands to those in our communities in difficult times. We don’t give up, we just push forward.

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